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Peacocks (Symbol of Renewal)

In folk art, peacocks are often painted looking backwards at their tails. Because these feathers are renewed each year, this is considered a symbol of renewal. Cultures around the world often pair parrots, peacocks and doves as focal points in Tree of Life designs.

This one-of-a-kind work of art consists of a mixture of tiny gemstones, selected piece by piece to create a range of vivid real-life colors. For example, the dark blue of the peacock's body is made up of blue lapis lazuli. The trees, mountains, waterfall, flowers and sky are of green spinel, smokey topaz and fluoride. The orange, white and blue colors in the eye alike tails of the peacocks consist of agate, white quartz and blue spinel, respectively.

Due to it's size (143 x 97 cm including frame) and weight (~25 kg), this item is not available for on-line purchase. Please contact us if you are interested.

Peacocks (Symbol of Renewal)

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Detail of Peacocks (Symbol of Renewal)

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