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Birthstones are gemstones that symbolize the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. Like many other gemstones, birthstones are traditionally associated with different qualities.

Since birthstone lists exist in many different cultures, there is no universal list. However, below table gives an overview of the most common birthstones.

Month Birthstone(s) Associated qualities
January Garnet Constancy
February Amethyst Sincerity
March Aquamarine, Bloodstone Courage
April Diamond Purity and innocence
May Emerald, Agate Love, success and happiness
June Moon stone, Pearl Health, longevity and prosperity
July Ruby Love and contentment
August Peridot, Chrysoberyl Family happiness
September Sapphire Wisdom and love
October Tourmaline, Opal Hope
November Topaz, Citrine Friendship and fidelity
December Zircon, Turquoise Happiness, luck and prosperity

More information on birthstones can be found on Wikipedia.

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